Precision Medicine.

There remains a large unmet need for patients with immune-mediated diseases. While there are a number of approved therapies, many patients suffering from chronic immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases either don’t respond at all or have an inadequate response to available treatments. Precision medicine involves the discovery and development of therapies that are based on disease and individual patient genetics and biology.

Drugs based on precision medicine have revolutionized areas like oncology but have not been widely applied to immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases. Recent advances in human genetics, data science and analytics are new tools to provide better insights into the genetic basis and associated biology of immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases, offering the potential to provide patients with access to precision medicines targeted to the underlying biology of their unique disease.

Mirador’s focus is on developing first-in-class or best-in-class precision medicines. To accelerate development, Mirador utilizes Mirador360™, its proprietary precision development engine that leverages recent breakthroughs in human genetics and cutting-edge data science.

Precision Data Science & Analytics

Mirador360™ stands as one of the most extensive repositories of immune-mediated disease data and is continually expanding. We aim to leverage the latest breakthroughs in human genetics and data science to advance the next wave of precision medicine in immunology and inflammation.

Addressing the Gap in Target Differentiation

The current landscape of drugs for immune-mediated disease faces a notable challenge – a lack of target differentiation. Mirador360™ is purpose-built to harmonize millions of patient molecular profiles to discover and validate genetic associations to immuno-fibrotic diseases, identify novel therapeutic targets and elucidate target-target interactions as well as optimal target-target pairs for potential combination therapies.

Genetic Profiling as a Driving Force

Mirador’s emphasis on genetic profiling marks a pivotal shift in immune-mediated disease drug development. The focus on specific patient genetic targets is not just a strategy but a driving force that we anticipate will drive substantial value for patients and make a lasting impact on the entire field. Mirador360™ also allows Mirador to develop diagnostics and stratify heterogeneous patient populations for precise clinical development.